Life Lessons From Founders:

Don't Get Caught Driving Backward

Life Lessons From Founders:

Looking to improve your personal family relationships?

By Lean Startup Co. Education Program:

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Founders

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Living Like a Start-Up Founder

By Sean Wise:

Former Harvard Professor Noam Wasserman Thinks Everyone Should Live Like....

Life Lessons From Founders:

How A Founding-Team Pitfall Affects Your Political Views

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@ychernova @noamwass I've been the "next CEO" in a founder friendly deal. Made it much more difficult. Founder never expected to be replaced and didn't react well.

Great example of the impact a founder can have on the world, revolutionizing travel for the masses (and helping build entrepreneurship education for the next generation - e.g., at @UT_KelleherCntr): Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines has passed away at 87.

Many VCs face pressure to be "founder friendly" but research & experience shows that can hurt results. “Founder-monarchs are far from infallible, and are among the last to realize it.”@noamwass

"Recent history shows that even the most iconic founder is far from infallible, especially if their control is unchecked." ― @noamwass on what it takes to run a successful startup.

Professor @noamwass explains how entrepreneurial skills can lead to more productive and creative lives.

Via @danprimack:, after Lyft files IPO paperwork "Lyft plans to lead the parade of 2019 unicorn IPOs, which also is expected to include Uber, Slack, Peloton and Airbnb."


Life Is A Startup

Whether or not we found companies, we can all learn profound lessons from the counterintuitive behaviors of successful entrepreneurs. Living and working in the twenty-first century presents a unique host of challenges. Whether we freelance, work for a large organization,....

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The Founder’s Dilemmas

Often downplayed in the excitement of starting up a new business venture is one of the most important decisions entrepreneurs will face: should they go it alone, or bring in cofounders, hires, and investors to help build the business?

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